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Who is Jesus?

Statement of Doctrine

At Grace Lutheran Church we believe, teach and proclaim the truths taught in the Holy Bible.
The Bible tells us everyone has done wrong by disobeying God and His laws, this is what we call "sin". Sin is every thought, desire, word, and deed which is contrary to God's law. Since every person has sinned and is a sinner, all deserve punishment from God and are unable to earn God's forgiveness.

We can only be forgiven by believing in Jesus Christ who was our substitute in receiving the punishment we deserved.
Jesus, the Son of God, did this out of love and mercy. Though we deserved to die for sin, Jesus died on our behalf to rescue us from sin's punishment of hell. By believing in Jesus Christ not only do we find mercy and forgiveness for all our wrongs, we become part of God's family and have the assurance and hope of one day entering heaven.
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